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The structures, systems, processes and frameworks [helped me] to align myself in such a way that ultimately led to what I'm doing now, which is running a million-dollar startup.

Russ Perry, Founder of Design Pickle

You get to end of the week, and you’re dead tired and exhausted, and you don’t even want to hang out with people on a Friday night, and you’re like “what did I do all week?” And the answer is you just answered emails.

The biggest improvement for me has been that at the end of the week I feel like I have a much clearer picture and at the beginning of the week I know what I need to complete. I know that I got the most important things done. I feel like I’m getting a lot more done working on the business and not in the business.

Austin Brawner, Founder eCommerce Influence, on his biggest pain point and how the masterclass solved it

Any time you’re working on one thing it means you’re not working on something else, and there’s always that dude in the back of your head that’s like “you shouldn’t be working on this, you should be working on this other thing.”

At the end of the 90 day planning module I felt super clear on which projects needed to be held-off on, and which ones to do first

Will Boucek, Sales and Marketing Manager, on his biggest frustration before enrolling

The most painful problem the masterclass solved for me was the constant struggle with connecting the dots, and the feeling that “is what I’m doing today really the most important thing, the most necessary thing?”

Dickson Buchanan, Trader, on the problem he solved in the masterclass

The biggest problem I was trying to solve is being able to make better decisions, a little bit faster, that make a bigger impact on my life. What really worked for me in the masterclass was setting an end point and working backwards from there. It covered two huge bases for me: with my startup in the next few months but also for the rest of my life.

-Angel Gonzalez, Fintech, on why he joined and what he gained

"I used to get that bright, shiny object syndrome where like, a new thing pops up and like, "Ooh! Let me try that! Oh wait, I saw a bright, shiny object over there! Oh, are we having an interview now?" And I think a lot of entrepreneurs have that. The Effective Entrepreneur helped me maintain focus and stay dedicated to doing some important things and following through on them and really giving them a go.

And then the other thing I really liked about it was, what I found in the past is I have a bit of commitment fear. It's like, "Oh, I don't want to agree to do this new marketing method or writing a book, it's going to go on forever." Right? And the great thing about this system is that, you know, I've made a 90-day commitment but I've already got a bailout clause on the 91st day that, "Hey, if this didn't work out or I'm not enjoying it, I'm done with it."

Michael Smith, TeraTech, on how the Masterclass changed his business

The first week after the masterclass was my most productive week in 2 years, because I sat down with such confidence about what I was going to work on. Just taking the time to go through the masterclass gave me such clarity and such focus that the whole next week, I just crushed it.

Will Boucek, Sales and Marketing Manager, on his immediate results

I’m a bit of a productivity junkie, but what set The Effective Entrepreneur masterclass apart is that it’s really structured in a way to help you live it. The masterclass has some building blocks that you end up using on a daily, habitual level, that gets you closer to your goals.

Angel Gonzales, Founder SnappyKraken (FinTech), on his first impression of the masterclass

At the end of the week, I feel I like I know what I completed. That allows me to go through the week, hit the things that are important, then relax on the weekend, because I know I got through some of the most important things.

Austin Brawner, Founder eCommerce Influence, on the biggest benefit of the masterclass

The masterclass was enormously helpful. I am leaving feeling like I actually have a game plan and strategy for how I can connect the dots, and how I can bring a lot more structure, focus, and discipline into my daily routine.

Dickson Buchanan, Trader, on the biggest benefit of the masterclass

"Before DesignPickle was founded, I was in a major transition in my life.

The work with Taylor, and his way of framing up and thinking, was challenging beyond description, in a good way.

It was a completely different approach to my challenges, and helped me to peel back the layers to truly find out what the root cause of the problems were.

I couldn't recommend it enough, especially if you are in a place of transition as I was."

Russ Perry, Founder of Design Pickle, on his results

"The Effective Entrepreneur provides space where I can actually take stock of what I've been doing and seeing if it's been effective.

It provides some area where I can really think about:

  • 'Am I working on the right thing?'
  • 'Is ego getting in the way?'
  • 'Are other biases getting in the way?'
  • 'Am I actually getting towards the goals that I need to be getting towards?'

Having that built in system where I can keep myself in check and keep pointing towards that 'north star' - that has been the most powerful thing for me."

- Dave Faulk, Training Manager SMS Assist

I’ve struggled with for some time with coming to some sort of idea of what my long term goals are, and [tying] that to daily action. As a result of the masterclass, I gained a better understanding of what it means to do long term goal-setting, but to make it actually usable for the short term.

Andrew Freeman, Industrial Engineer, on the clarity and motivation he gained as a result of the masterclass

"Do you want to keep banging your head against the wall of struggling on goals and having your business not run as good as it can?" Could you save a lot of hassle and effort by organizing how you do things each day and how you do things in your planning?

For me, a few hundred bucks to solve that and get my business running more efficiently and get my plans running easy, was way more than worth it."

Michael Smith, Founder TeraTech

The Effective Entrepreneur masterclass really tested my assumptions, and made me make sure I was going after a new business for the right reasons. It helped me tie everything in with my long-term vision, made sure I wasn’t just chasing the money, and that I was building a business based on my strengths and my interests.

Manyu Sabnis, Founder and BioTech Engineer, on how the masterclass helped him achieve clarity and confidence

It’s a really good system to follow if you want to produce. If that’s your goal, just follow the system, and it keeps you moving forward and helps you with consistency.

Austin Brawner, Founder, on how he would describe his results to a friend